[Part 1.5] Building a self-driving RC car

This post is a follow up on my project called Building a self-driving RC car. In Part 1, I used Arduino to hack the controller of the RC car and according to my plan, in Part 2 I had to start working on all the cool Machine Learning stuff. However, this post is going to be a crime against my initial plan, because it is going to be a major update on the hardware part, with a preparation to build Machine Learning algorithms (that’s why this section is called Part 1.5 🙂 ).

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[Part 1]: Building a self-driving RC car

Self-Driving RC Ferrari

On my spare time, I read a lot about Machine Learning, AI, Robotics and its applications in our everyday life. While I have always found Machine Learning algorithms awesome, the process of how the code can make a physical device perform specific actions (think of autonomous cars, smart home systems etc.) have always looked like somewhat “next level” to me. I decided to change that perception and learn how to do it myself. I believe that it’s easier to learn difficult things when you make them fun and this is how I decided to make my own Self-Driving RC car!

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