Hello there! I am Justina (or like people usually call me – Justė), a Data Scientist currently working on open source Conversational AI software at a Berlin-based startup called Rasa. I am interested in all things Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and all techy stuff in general. I strive to constantly challenge myself in every aspect of my life and I am a strong believer that the best things are achieved through the disciplined and dedicated work. This is what this blog is about – the side projects I am working on or technologies I am learning documented in a form of blogposts or tutorials which will hopefully inspire you to learn something new as well.

Apart from working on Data Science things, I spend most of my time doing sports, travelling, and playing piano when I get a chance. I am also a big fan of Shiba Inu doggos 🙂

I like hearing from like-minded people, so if you feel like discussing anything related to  Data Science give me a shout!